Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dockers FW11 Editor Event

The FW11 Editor Event at Hudson + Broad in New York’s trendy TriBeCa neighborhood earlier this month was the culmination of months of brand strategizing and hard work on the side of the PR team at Dockers.

Not just a preview of new washes and color ways and styles, the event felt more like a ‘coming of age” for a brand that for so long had been synonymous with “casual Friday.”

The Fall 2011 Collection was inspired by a journey [similar to that of Dockers’ journey, perhaps?], a journey to uncover what it means to be a man today.  Where jeans end and khakis begin, the Alpha Khaki is the epitome of this journey, taking on the attributes a man loves about his jeans: style, versatility, individuality…

[Event Space & New Product]

[Kevin Freed, Me, Parker Hurley]

Also making their debut at the event - the Razor Slim Khakis.  Slimmer than the D0 khaki from Spring, the Razor Slim is the most modern expression of slim.

DJ Biz Markie, of “You Say He’s Just A Friend” fame, was at the turntables, and Bushmills Irish Whisky and Heineken sponsored the event, so needless to say, the event was a HUGE success.

[Me, DJ Biz Markie]

ON A SIDE NOTE:  It was my greatest pleasure to work with such an incredible group of people.  I treasure every opportunity and experience I had while at Dockers.  I specifically want to shout out to Shaun Lewis…my former boss and personal mentor.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Levi's Fall 2011 Presentation

Over the majority of the past year, I have had the pleasure of  working/making friends with the publicists at Levi’s, and while I might be a little biased due to the fact that I work for Dockers about the denim brand, it is hard to escape the fact that Levi’s will most certainly be forever present in our lives [well done Team Levi’s]. 
Last Wednesday, Levi’s presented their Fall 2011 collection.  Mini-vignettes, styled by my dear friend Julie Ragolia, took party guests through the new range of products.  Please see below for a few highlights:
Levi’s continued to look at new finishing through a sustainable filter, exploring new innovations that build on the Water<less finish concept. 
[cute concept, right?]

In the men’s line specifically, inspiration was taken from travels to the southwest, referencing the landscapes found there, interpreting ideas around dust, oil and wax in denim finishing, giving jeans a distinct worn look, etc.
Also on preview at the presentation was the next installment of Levi’s Workwear by Filson [which will arrive in stores later this year].
Finally, Levi’s presented consumers with a Commuter Cycling Series, focusing on the needs of commuting cyclists.  Close to the hearts of the San Francisco-based men’s design team and the hundred of New Yorkers that ride to and from work on a daily basis, I’m eager to see how this collection translates to the masses.
My night concluded with a personalized note from the Busby's.  Who are they you ask?  An enigma.  I'd rank the event a 9.7. ;-)