Sunday, May 1, 2011

NEST Fragrances

I love candles.
I love social media.
Needless to say, this is a post about both.

I received a gift from a friend --a candle-- whose brand will go without mention. Prior to receiving this gift, I had started up a conversation through Twitter with @NEST_fragrances because I frequently walk past them while shopping at any of the three B’s and always smell them, look at them, hold them, but never buy them.  That was until I received a gift –a BAG of candles, reed diffusers, soap-- from Nest!

In a nutshell, I’m obsessed.  The candles feature more fragrance than any other scented candle in the industry with a “14% fragrance load.”  My favorite, grapefruit, sits in my kitchen and manages to give off a pleasant aroma even when UN-lit!  What is the purpose of a candle anyway, but to enhance life?

Thank you Nest!

[For information on 'where to buy' check out there website here]

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  1. I love Nest!!!! They never fail to fragrance. In fact, they never fail to absolutely saturate a room in insane fragrance. Moroccan Amber was so fragrant I could still smell it when I returned home from work the following day. I love Grapefruit and Wasabi Pear in warmer months and Pumpkin Chai and Holiday in cooler months, but they are all fantastic. They never cease to impress!