Friday, March 11, 2011

Arm Candy

I think I own 14 watches of various make and caliber, all of which sit in a drawer, in my dopp kit, in storage...somewhere.  I never really caught on to the whole "jewelry for men" idea, that is, until I went to a Details x David Yurman event.  I bought a bracelet.  It was steeply priced, but oh so gorgeous, and it helped with my cognitive dissonance when I realized that a percentage of the sales proceeds were going to Jeffrey Fashion Cares.

Last summer everyone was digging those yarn friendship bracelets.  Then, my roommate turned me on to a few Burkman Bros. versions.  I'm convinced that a Rolex, friendship bracelets, paper wristbands from last nights concert, and a prayer bead bracelet stacked on ones wrist is uber-chic: the grandest of fashion oxymorons, maybe.

Now I just need a Rolex.

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