Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Blurry Picture

The fashion elite and select taste makers showed up last season to Tom Ford's [j'adore] first-ever women's wear show. What can only be described as being extremely intimate, Tom personally presented the collection to those in attendance, as if nodding to years past when fashion was more regal-more exclusive.  Ruth la Ferla wrote an article recently for the New York Times [read here] titled, "'Less is More' is Mattering Most," where she outlines how fashion is becoming more private.

Christopher Kane is another of fashions most elusive, I mean, he DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A WEBSITE! [hello, it's the 21st century, boo?!]

I firmly believe that Tom and Christopher are preserving the sanctity of fashion.  So, as much as I love a blurry twitter picture of a model stomping down a runway, there is something special about waiting to see crisp, clean images of the clothes from a style site, or perusing the new collections as they hit the floors at Bergdorf Goodman.

A blogger friend of mine swore this fashion week that he wasn't going to post images immediately after [and/or during] the shows.  Instead, he brought a disposable camera [to the dismay of editors beside him] and waited patiently for the raw, unabridged images to develop before he posted them.

I guess this could be applied to more than just fashion, rather society as a whole, but before I get all Aristotle on your a** I should probably stop.  You get the idea.

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