Monday, February 21, 2011

life vs. style

20-somethings living in the Lower East Side, NY and Williamsburg, BK [respectively], are donning flannel-lined khakis, beanies, Carhartt jackets and boots.  Considered a petri dish of future trends and style, these 'uber-fashionable' kids are dressing like people in the mid-West!  The average Joe wakes up every morning, unaware of season trends, goes to their closet, and pulls out the same outfit every day.  That's their uniform.  It doesn't change.

Since when did New Yorkers start taking style cues from the average mid-Westerner?  That's a rhetorical question-who cares?

(FW11 look from

(FW11 looks from Rivera Club)

In conclusion: I am loving the masculine, all-American vibe menswear is giving me these days.  

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