Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fur me?

Wrap me in a mink throw, throw me in front of a fire, stuff me full of fried chicken and call me happy.  Fur was a major trend on the runways this season--and not just for women.  Band of Outsiders, and Burberry had their male cast in structured fur blazers and top coats.  Antonio Azzuolo and Jimmy Choo used fur for accessories; Antonio created oversized winter accessories while Jimmy offered his first mens shoe line, some of which were done in horse hair.  I might have my blinders up, and maybe I'm a freeze baby and would welcome a fur coat on bitter cold New York eves, but I love how fur has crossed the gender barrier.  I probably won't be running to Barney's anytime soon to drop a cool 4Gs on a jacket, but I am excited to see this trends progression over the next few seasons.

*Caution: unless you are a pimp or a fashionisto, I would leave this one alone.*

Ps.  When did Antonio Azzuolo show back up on the map?  I'm obsessed.

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